The Pride of Wildcat Land joins K-State football in Houston, plays crucial role in gameday atmosphere

Kansas State Wildcats

HOUSTON, Tx. (KSNT)- The gameday atmosphere at a Kansas State football game is special, but that atmosphere simply doesn’t happen without the Kansas State Marching Band.

The band and the football team share a special connection.

“It’s a complete package. We go to bowl games because they win a lot of football games. They have a great coaching staff, they have great players and they have a great tradition. We’ve built that with the band we think and we just look at it as a tag team approach,” band director Dr. Frank Tracz said.

The band put in a lot of effort and some long hours to prepare for the trip. The trip itself wasn’t easy either.

“We traveled from midnight all the way through the night until we got here at 3 p.m. That seems exhausting but once we got here it’s been so much fun,” head drum major Gillian Falcon said.

Despite the hard work, Tracz said the band members love making the trip.

“They cheer. They have a good time. They’re making great memories, they’re hanging with great people. These are the Kodak moments of their life,” Tracz said.

Falcon, a senior in the marching band, is making the trip to a bowl game with the Pride of Wildcat Land for the final time this year.

“For me this trip is really special since it’s my last time with the KSUMB. It’s really just soaking in all these memories, we get to play a great show and it’s going to be so much fun at NRG stadium,” Falcon said.

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