MANHATTAN, KS. (KSNT)- Fans are asking more questions about the 2023 Kansas State football schedule.

Typically, the schedule is released by now. This year, Big 12 teams have not released their full schedules. K-State Athletic Director Gene Taylor provided some clarity in a video K-State Athletics released on Friday.

“There are just a lot of things going on, obviously, with the new members coming in and trying to work through that,” Taylor said. “But, I think we’ll see that schedule come out sometime soon, and when I say ‘soon,’ by the end of [January].”

K-State doesn’t get to choose its schedule, but it does evaluate it before the announcement becomes public.

“Anytime any of our schedules come out, we do look at it as ADs before it gets public,” Taylor said. “And we look at: Are we hitting our principals in terms of the number of road games, the number of home games, how far we travel?”

Conference realignment and changes in the Big 12 have been an additional wrinkle in upcoming scheduling, Taylor said.

“There are some new principals with our new members coming in,” Taylor said “So, trying to work through that has really been the biggest part of the delay, but we will get a chance to look at that and make sure at least our principles are being met.”

To see Taylor’s full interview with K-State Athletics, as part of Brian Smoller’s ‘Ask the AD’ series, click here.