KU responds to NCAA allegations, stands behind Coach Self, basketball program

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Kansas head coach Bill Self, right, congratulates Kansas forward Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (10) for making a winning three-point basket against Nebraska in an NCAA college basketball game in Lincoln, Neb., Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017. (AP Photo/John Peterson)

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – The University of Kansas issued a response after they received a notice of NCAA allegations against their Men’s Basketball program.

While a full response is yet to come, as the university has 90 days to submit a response to the NCAA, KU released a statement just hours after the allegations were named.

The statement began with the rejection of claims made against the coaching staff.

“The University emphasizes that it emphatically rejects the assertion that Adidas and Adidas employees and associates were boosters and agents of the University (as defined by NCAA legislation) during the period of the alleged violations and therefore acting on the University’s behalf when they engaged in alleged violations of NCAA bylaws.

The University noted that they fully back head coach Bill Self, who faces a head coach responsibility charge.

“As for the allegations regarding Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bill Self, voluminous evidence demonstrates uncontestably that he did, in fact, promote an atmosphere of compliance and fully monitor his staff. The University firmly and fully supports Coach Self and his staff,” the statement said.

Chancellor Doug Girod said while KU will take responsibility for the proven violations, they will push back on allegations that aren’t backed with fact.

“The University of Kansas has high standards of ethical conduct for all of our employees, and we take seriously any conduct that is antithetical to our values and mission. While we will accept responsibility for proven violations of NCAA bylaws, we will not shy away from forcefully pushing back on allegations that the facts simply do not substantiate. We stand firmly behind Coach Self and our men’s basketball program, and we will continue to work diligently to do what is right.”

Bill Self spoke out against the allegations as well, claiming that the NCAA has created a false narrative of both himself and the program.

By the NCAA’s own admission through its public statements early this summer, it’s no secret that there is tremendous pressure on the NCAA to respond to the federal court proceedings involving college basketball. Compelled to reassure member institutions and the general public that it can police its member institutions, the NCAA enforcement staff has responded in an unnecessarily aggressive manner in submitting today’s unsubstantiated Notice of Allegations, and I, as well as the University, will vigorously dispute what has been alleged.

In its haste and attempt to regain control, the enforcement staff has created a false narrative regarding me and our basketball program. The narrative is based on innuendo, half-truths, misimpressions and mischaracterizations. In reality, we all know there is only one version of the truth. The truth is based on verifiable facts, and I am confident the facts we will demonstrate in our case will expose the inaccuracies of the enforcement staff’s narrative.

I have always taken pride in my commitment to rules compliance and led programs that operate with integrity and within the rules, and I am proud of the success that we have achieved at each program along the way. Every student-athlete who has ever played for me and their families know we follow the rules.

These allegations are serious and damaging to the University and to myself, and I hate that KU has to go through this process. With our staff’s full cooperation, these allegations will be addressed within NCAA procedures and with urgency and resolve. I will strenuously defend myself and the program, but I will respect the process and will not speak to the details of the case.”

Bill Self, Men’s Basketball Head Coach

Included in the list of allegations were impermissible recruiting activities, lack of institutional control, and a head coach responsibility charge against Bill Self, among others.

The full list of allegations against the school can be found here.

The football program received allegations as well, though they were Level II violations that included allowing an extra coach to work during practice under the previous head coach, David Beaty.

“I am confident in the University’s process leading to the self-reported violations arising from the previous football staff,” Les Miles, Head Football Coach said. “Our entire focus is on the current season and the culture that we are building here at KU. The future is bright for Kansas Football.”

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