TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Lake Shawnee Softball Complex has been receiving upgrades over the past couple of years. Along with improvements to the turf and new press boxes, something else is changing: The name.

At the recent County Board of Commissioners meeting, Shawnee Parks and Recreation announced a multi-year agreement with Envista Credit Union. Envista will be donating $55,000 to the “Parks for All Foundation” over the next 8 years, for a total of $440,000.

That money is going to help Parks and Rec projects across the board by allowing the Parks team to make improvements wherever needed, adding additional bells and whistles to take their projects to the next level.

“This year, 2022, we’re looking to make some significant upgrades in Gage Park, and we’ve identified 11 other parks around town we would like to get specific things done this year. This money could help in that cause,” Director of Shawnee County Parks and Rec Tim Laurent said.

According to the Chief Business Development Officer at Envista, Tara Dimick, the decision to partner with the Parks department was an easy one.

“We love Lake Shawnee, we love that it brings our community together, families together, it felt like a really good fit for us to get to be a part of what I think the County is doing an incredible job with our parks,” Dimick said.  

With the Envista investment, team members are looking forward to the softball fields becoming a destination for families.

“I think that kid’s sports is just growing and growing and growing,” Dimick said. “I’m fully invested in ‘How do we keep kids here? How do we keep them playing here?’ We’re constantly leaving this community to go to Kansas City or somewhere else, how can we make sure we have the fields and the complexes we need right here to keep our kids playing here when we can?” 

The Envista Softball Complex is nearing completion according to the Parks Director. They’re looking into holding a celebration when the complex opens.