TOPEKA (KSNT)- Cair Paravel High School has a new head boys’ basketball coach.

Chip Kueffer has been hired to lead the program after former head coach Trey Brown took a head coaching job at Hayden High School.

Kueffer spoke with 27 News on Tuesday. He’s a Baldwin City native. Kueffer and his wife moved to Topeka in 2021 and he was looking for an opportunity to get more connected in the local community.

“God kind of presented this and so we jumped at the bit as soon as it presented itself,” Kueffer said.

He’s qualified for at least one reason: The new Lions’ head coach learned from Bill Self for 4.5 years. Kueffer was a manager for KU men’s basketball while a student at the university and he was even the head manager for a season.

“As a Kansas kid it was pretty much my dream to be even a fly on the wall in Allen Fieldhouse,” Kueffer said. “Even if you’re the smallest guy in the room you pick up on some things, just being around [KU basketball] long enough… it was kind of the opportunity of a lifetime so I’m very thankful for that.”

As he takes over at CPLS, Kueffer has goals much bigger than basketball.

“My goal or my dream or my ambition is to just be a small part of whatever God has in store for these folks,” Kueffer said. “What’s really special about the opportunity is that Cair Paravel is a school that’s grounded and rooted in its faith. For me it was a no-brainer to be a part of such a special support system here.”

Kueffer says he’s excited to develop relationships with his players. He hopes to teach them things that will impact them long beyond high school.

“The balls going to stop bouncing for all of us someday so I think my objective is to make sure that we’re all prepped and prepared for when it does stop bouncing,” Kueffer said. “So I try to make sure that all these kids will have an eternal perspective on things.”