TOPEKA (KSNT) — Topeka West High School, Topeka High School and Hayden Catholic High School scrimmaged each other at Hayden’s Football Jamboree Friday.

The Jamboree is a chance for players to show off their skills in front of students and fans who were able to attend the event for free. All three teams took turns running plays against each other from different parts of the field.

According to KSHSAA, Jamborees consist of three to four teams who have practiced for a minimum of 10 days prior to the event. Each school is able to run a maximum of 36 offensive plays during the event. At Hayden’s Jamboree, each team was able to run 18 offensive plays against the other two teams.

Hayden’s head coach Bill Arnold said the Jamboree is a great opportunity for his players to see something new. He likes giving his players a chance to tackle someone from a different team.

Arnold also noted the event gives coaches a chance to see how their players fare against different competition.

“We’ve got a few spots that we’re not completely sure about as far as the starting lineup goes,” Arnold said. “Tonight will go a long way in defining that for us.”

Hayden opens its season against Olpe at home on Friday, and Arnold is excited about the group he’s working with this year. Topeka West kicks things off on Thursday against Seaman, while Topeka High faces Maize next Saturday.