TOPEKA (KSNT) – Two years ago, Highland Park High School girls’ basketball finished with zero wins and had just five players on the roster. Last year, the Lady Scots finished with a 4-17 record.

Just nine games into this season, Highland Park is sitting pretty at 6-3, large in thanks to coach Robert “Coach Rob” Brown.

“It’s a day-by-day process, between coach Chris, Coach Nikki, myself, we all put in work, it never stops, I try to go home and put it away for my wife and kids, but it’s an every day, every minute thing,” Brown said.

The hard work that Brown puts into the program shows up in many more ways than just the win column.

“I love Coach Rob, I’ve known him since fifth grade when I moved here, he’s always been my coach,” Highland Park sophomore Amelia Ramsey said. “He’s like, he’s kind of like, another dad, kind of type. Because I’ve known him for so long. He’s always helpful and he’s always there, and I know if I need him anytime, I can go to him.”

When coach heard this from his player, he said, “[That] almost put a tear in my eye.”

“It’s more than basketball, man,” Brown said. “A lot of these girls don’t have father figures, or they do, but we got to do a little extra with them.”

As far as actual basketball, the Lady Scots have some hoopers on the team. Ramsey has been putting up big numbers this season, including a 27-point, 24-rebound effort in a win over Kansas City Southeast.

“When I look at the stat sheet after the game and it says I have 24 rebounds, I’m like, ‘Oh, I didn’t even know I got that many,'” Ramsey said.

With no seniors on this year’s team, the Lady Scots are getting 100 percent of their scoring back for next season, meaning this team has some big goals.

“We want to host a substate, and we want to win a substate. And we want to show these girls what state is like,” Brown said.