Hornets look to grow stronger through pandemic

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EMPORIA, KS (KSNT) – Emporia State Athletic Director Kent Weiser believes athletics is a great training ground for adverse situations.

“Our coaches are used to training and telling kids to overcome obstacles, that we never know what’s going to happen,” says Weiser.

Teams at Emporia State have had a complete shift in the way they communicate with Zoom meetings.

“Coaches are keeping in touch with their student athletes, what used to be face to face and team meetings are now online meetings, but I know every one of them has talked with every student athlete on their team and every recruit that has signed with us,” said Weiser.

“We talk about ourselves, about ESU as an adaptive university, and we have really shown it in these last few weeks,” said ESU President Allison Garrett.

Weiser is encouraging coaches to use this as an opportunity to grow.

“I know they’re talking with each other and I’ve challenged them to go back and look at themselves and look at how they are doing things and take this as an opportunity to learn how to communicate with players and student athletes and each other.”

And hopefully that’s something that we all can do.

“I’m sure that when we get done with this and come out of the other side of the tunnel that we will all be better people for it,” says Weiser.

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