WINCHESTER (KSNT) – Every school in the Northeast Kansas League will have baseball and softball for the 2022-23 school year.

Jefferson County North High School is adding the two sports, after it was one of the last two schools in the league to not have them. Jackson Heights High School got the school board’s approval to add baseball and softball Monday.

“It’s one more thing that our kids can do, aspire at and be great at,” said Joe Worthington, Jefferson Co. North’s athletic director and principal. “There’s a lot of different ways for our kids to be able to be involved with the school, and we all know that anytime children are involved, they do better, they perform better, their academics are better. That was really our goal, was to keep them involved and be part of this community.”

The Chargers have a huge student interest in these sports, so deciding to add them was easy. Since it’s a small school, this is another option for multi-sports athletes. The school is in the process of finding coaches and getting equipment.