TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka High star athlete NiJa Canady chose to skip her senior basketball season to focus on softball.

Canady committed to play softball at Stanford University in October. Not too long after, she made the tough decision to skip basketball.

“My whole intention was playing my senior season,” Canady said. “I love that team. I love the girls, so it definitely wasn’t easy. I talked to the coaches a little bit. I talked to my family a lot. And then, we all just decided focusing on softball would be good with injuries and stuff like that.”

Stanford didn’t pressure Canady to make this decision. It was her idea.

In past years, Canady didn’t have a lot of time in the winter to focus on her softball skills. Now, she has an extra three months to prepare for the 2022 softball season and college.

“I’m going to learn a new pitch. I’m hopefully going to get some more velocity on everything. I have a lot more time to try some stuff out,” Canady said.