OTTAWA, KS (KSNT) – Ottawa native Kord Ferguson is going from a small town to a big stage.

Ferguson is a decorated discus thrower. He took the discus title at the USA Track and Field Junior Championships in high school. At The University of Alabama, he was a two-time All-American for discus. Ferguson even earned All-American honors in shot put. Now, he is putting his skills to the ultimate test at the 2021 Olympic track and field trials.

“Super talented, certainly on the athletic side,” Derek Yush, Alabama track and field throw coach, said. “A student of his event. He really knows, at that time he was throwing shot put and discus. He’s smart with regards to that stuff. Knows his body, super coachable guy, and knows the technique in and out.”

Those who know Ferguson are not surprised he has made it to the Olympic qualifiers.

“When you get to a meet like this, everybody’s really special, and really it’s the mental game that kind of wins or doesn’t win,” Yush said. “I think he’s got all the tools to make it happen.”

Ferguson will compete in the qualifying round on June 24, and potentially the final round on June 25. The top three discus throwers move on to the Olympics.