TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka’s Bo Jensen is officially the strongest kid in the world.

“I’m really proud of all of my hard work, and I’m thankful for all the people that helped me get here,” he said.

Bo loves to play video games, baseball and golf. Aside from hitting home runs or hitting a golf ball 200 yards, he can lift 548 lbs. across the bench press, deadlift and squat.

“I was so happy and so proud of him,” Joe Jensen, Bo’s dad, said. “To see that smile, and to see him jump up in the air with the high-fives and the hugs.”

Bo entered the USA Powerlifting National Championship, in Florida, with a goal to beat the previous record of 532 total pounds.

“What made me think I could do it is because we did it in the gym so many times,” Bo said.

Bo didn’t start powerlifting until the COVID-19 pandemic halted his baseball season. It started as a way to stay in shape for the next baseball season, but he was quickly lifting more and more weight.

“It was more about stretching and mobility, and cardiovascular,” Joe said. “I say, like, Shaq was built to dunk a basketball, he was born to pick up heavy weights.”

Joe is also a powerlifter. He did a ton of research when Bo started lifting, to make sure he wasn’t hurting his son or damaging his growth.

“I reached out to the head of the sports medicine department at the Mayo Clinic,” Joe said. “The one thing we need to watch out for, like in all sports, is if we do this with the wrong form, we will get hurt. Their ligaments and tendons grow differently than an adult.”

Bo powerlifts three days per week for about an hour. His dad also makes sure he eats the right food to build muscle and help his body recover.

“My dad is coaching me, and that’s the best part,” Bo said.

Bo’s records are for the Youth One age class for kids 10 or younger. His next goal is to take over the 12-or-younger age group.