TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka High has its new basketball coaches, but it also has a new leader in the athletic director’s office.

Cody Miller is the Trojans’ new athletic director, but he’s not new to Topeka High. He’s already the baseball coach.

Miller’s tacking on the AD role because it’s what he did before he got into education. It’s what he went to college for, and what he had experience in prior. He’s taking over the role after Ty Baumgardner moved back to Georgia.

“This is really up my alley, and it’s just something that I find interesting every day,” Miller said. “I love athletics, and I love being around athletes of all kinds. Now, I can just be around more than just the baseball teams.”

Baseball already has a busy season, but Miller’s up for the challenge. Since multiple spring sports play and practice at Hummer Sports Park, along with the baseball team, it will be easier to manage, Miller said.