TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s hot out, and leaders from the Southwest Youth Athletic Association (SYAA) are making sure players and parents are staying smart in the sun.

“We communicate a lot with our parents, let them know the heat’s going to be high,” SYAA Softball Vice President Ty Dragoo said.

Part of staying smart is drinking plenty of water, which SYAA will provide if needed, but the organization encourages people to bring their own.

“We make sure to tell them that drinks are allowed on the complex. Bring water. We don’t charge for any fluids,” Dragoo said. “Go up to the concession stands, let a board member know that’s on duty, if water needs to be brought down to the dugout, we can do that.”

Umpires, who work hours with padded equipment on under the sun, are also being monitored.

“It’s particularly important for the umpires, they’re wearing all that protective gear,” SYAA Umpire in Chief Neal Hansen said. “They don’t get to sit down in the dugout every half inning, they’re out on the field the whole time.”

SYAA hosts youth baseball and softball in the Topeka area over the summer period.