TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Royals partnered with Community Blood Center to add an incentive to blood donors.

The Kansas City Royals are offering a t-shirt or two game vouchers to those who donate blood.

“It’s great to partner with the Royals,” Cynthia Kerns, Topeka Community Blood Center site manager, said. “It’s awesome that they do that, to help us out, to give us tickets to help encourage donors.”

The area is in a blood shortage, so the Royals are doing their part to help with the problem.

“We like to have a seven-day supply of blood available for patients,” Andrea Boepple, Community Blood Center Director of Donor Recruitment, said. “Right now, we’re at about a three-four day supply. It’s important to donate blood because it’s needed everyday for area hospital patients to live.”

The promotion runs until July 9.