KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City Chiefs Superfan who allegedly removed his ankle monitor and skipped a court hearing is now on a most wanted list.

Xaviar Babudar is wanted for a December 2022, bank robbery in Oklahoma. According to court filings, Babudar is also known as “CheifsAholic.”

Babudar was to be arraigned on charges stemming from the bank robbery in March, but he disappeared before the hearing.

This week Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers added Babudar to its “Most Wanted Fugitives List.” The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission publishes the list.

Babudar is listed at No. 5.

Crime Stoppers says even though Babudar is wanted in the Tulsa area, his last known address is in Overland Park and knows people in the metro. Crime Stoppers says that is why he is on the Kansas City-area list.

There is an active arrest warrant for Babudar. If found, he will be arrested and held on a $1 million bond.