KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fans come from new and far, on a Friday night in Kansas City, they all go to Union Station.

The Alpha-Lit sign proclaiming “Beat The Bengals” is a fan favorite for lines of fans hoping to take pictures.

“I flew in from Houston, Texas to come home and see the Chiefs play on Sunday. I’m starting to get pumped up and ready, well I’m already excited as you can tell,” said Tanya Smith.

The lights energizing the throngs of people, hoping to solidify their support with a photo, or just be surrounded by other super fans.

“I am depleted. I am still trying to recover from that game,” said Chris Sons. “They {the Bengals} got us once. Not this time.”

“We wanted to come every time it’s here and this was the first time, we were like, we got to go. It’s tonight, We’re off work, we have all the kids,” said Haeli Hayes. “We had to dig through laundry to make sure everyone had Chiefs red and clean for pictures.”

Along with taking a few pictures, super fan Stan ‘Kelce’ said he was hoping to connect with his look-a-like.
“Travis Kelce man, we’re twins. Separated at birth. I tweeted him. Hit me up man! I want to reunite and grab a beer. Let’s do this,” Stan said.

Union Station’s fan zone is open from 6:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. until the AFC Championship game.

It’s free to come to Union Station and get your photo taken with other super fans, or with the big Beat The Bengals sign.