SAINT JOSEPH, Mo. (KSNT)- Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker made adjustments to deal with criticism from fans throughout his career.

“I don’t look at the comments or the DMs anymore [on social media],” Butker said. “You have to prioritize the people’s opinions you care about.”

Often, players want to accept the praise and compliments from fans online, but can’t accept the criticism, said. He chooses to block them both out online.

“A lot of times, as athletes, we love getting praised,” Butker said. “So if you care about getting praised, you care about people’s opinions, then. But, if they have negative opinions, you don’t want to listen to it. If they’re not part of your inner circle and you really don’t care about their opinion, I don’t think you should listen to it whether it’s good or bad.”

He still posts on social media, but will continue to stay away from reading messages or comments. It’s a change he made within the past couple of years.

Another hot topic for Butker is the ‘Value Them Both’ commercial he appeared in during the offseason. When asked about dealing with teammates who have differing opinions, the veteran kicker said one thing he loves about his team is its willingness to get along and work towards a common goal, even if they don’t see eye-to-eye on all subjects.

“We all respect each others’ opinions,” Butker said. “That’s what I love about football is it’s kind of like a melting pot. Bunch of different guys, different backgrounds, different personalities, different viewpoints come together.”

The brotherhood built within the team offers great time to discuss each others viewpoints, he said. Using his platform to stand up for things he believes in is important to him.

“I think God has given us a platform,” Butker said. “If it is close to your heart, I think we should speak up.”

The Chiefs’ kicker is entering year six in the NFL. His 549 points mark the third-most all-time for the Chiefs franchise. Butker made 25 kicks on 28 attempts in 2021, including a season-long 58-yard field goal.