KANSAS CITY, Mo.- Norma Hunt, the wife and widow of Kansas City Chiefs Founder Lamar Hunt died Sunday.

A day later, former players of the team were taking part in the Trent Green Golf Classic where they recalled their memories of Norma.

“I’m glad she had the opportunity to make this last Super Bowl,” Chiefs and Pro Football Hall of Famer Bobby Bell said at the classic. “She was deciding maybe she wasn’t going to go, but she did end up going to the Super Bowl, and I’m glad.”

Bell says the community has lost a good one, and Norma was a great match for Lamar, who died in 2006.

“She was so kind to people, ya know?” Bell continued. “Lamar would speak to people and ask you about your family and all that and Norma was the same way. She’d come up to you and say, ‘How ya doing Bobby? How’s your family? Are they okay? Is your wife doing okay?'”

The Trent Green Golf Classic took place at the Oakwood Country Club.

“You know, the thing that I’ll always remember is every time I would see her, she had a smile on her face,” Green said. “She’d always tell me hello. She always wanted to hear what my kids were up to. It was always more of a family feel.”

Danan Hughes was also playing in the classic. He’s currently the color analyst for the Kansas City Chiefs radio broadcasts.

“Probably two or three hours before I heard the news, I actually was with Rita Mae Hammerschmidt and Lamar Jr., and they didn’t know,” Hughes said. “They were moving around just normally. We had a great conversation, and then two hours later, I’m sure they were shocked and impacted in their lives as well.”

The Hunt Family Foundation has given $2.4 million to the University of Kansas Health System since 2004.

More than $1 million of that has come from the 101 Awards that benefit the group’s sports medicine program.

Lamar and Norma brought the Dallas Texans to Kansas City, where they’d be renamed the Chiefs back in 1963.