SAINT JOSEPH, Mo. (KSNT)- Two Chiefs cornerbacks are learning from each other, even though one of them is just a rookie.

L’Jarius Sneed is entering his third year in the NFL, and he’s taking some notes from rookie Joshua Williams.

“I try to steal some things from him, as in, using his hands,” Sneed said. “He’s very good with his hands. He’s very patient at the line. I learn from him as a rookie. I’m still learning myself.”

Williams was honored to hear this.

“That’s a blessing for LJ to say that because I look up to LJ,” Williams said. “That’s a vet that I really do try to model myself after and take little things after.”

The rookie is, obviously, doing plenty of learning himself as training camp rolls on.

“Almost anytime I’m coming off the field, I’m asking him how I can do this, what did he do right here?” Williams said. “And he’ll give it to you. He’s not one of those people that’s kind of just in his own world. He’ll come and offer some of that wisdom. At the same time, him being humble, knowing how to speak to the rookies so we understand it, that’s a plus. I love him.”

Williams took an unconventional path to the NFL, playing DII football at Fayettville State. He’s ready to help however, or whenever, he can.