KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jawaan Taylor is still adjusting to an extra spotlight on his blocking technique.

The Kansas City Chiefs right tackle has been penalized several times throughout the first two games of the season. His five penalties in Week 2 were the highest by an offensive lineman since 2000.

On his false start penalties, he has mistimed the snap count. That didn’t get called in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears.

A few holding calls can easily be fixed.

The illegal formation penalties are now the lone crutch that Taylor must face from referees. The penalty was called on him twice in Week 3. One of them nullified a touchdown.

For offensive linemen, their helmets must reach the waistband of the center. Taylor said after the game that he felt he was properly on the line.

His team feels the same.

“He might be being picked on just a little bit,” head coach Andy Reid said. “Today, I thought it was too much. I wasn’t seeing it.”

“It’s wild to me. When you go back and look at the tablet, they’re both in the exact same spot. I don’t understand it,” quarterback Patrick Mahomes said. “It’s hard because he’s playing great football, and he’s getting these penalties thrown on him. I know it’s hard to officiate, but I watch a lot of tape, and he’s no deeper than any other tackle in the league.”

“He’s making adjustments, and it seems like even with his adjustments, they’re not good enough I guess.”

Taylor has previously said that he has played this style most of his career and that it’s not hard for him to adjust. As he adjusts to the league, Chiefs fans will hope that the league adjusts as well and minimize the penalties.