KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones joined the Kelce Brothers New Heights Podcast that aired on Friday.

The trio discussed a number of topics, including Chris Jones missing training camp and whether Travis Kelce influenced his return.

During Jones’s holdout, Travis asked for him to come back on the podcast. Jones was asked how much of an impact that had on him returning to the team.

“Actually, I watched the show when you was talking about it. I’m like, I miss my dawg, man! I miss my dawg!” Jones said. “It wasn’t the same bro. I’m like I gotta get back, I gotta get back. Watching them play bro, I’m like I’m going back next week man. Let’s work something out.”

“I saw you back at that first practice, I was fired up man,” Travis responded

During that time, it’s safe to say outside of being away from the team, Jones enjoyed his time away from training camp.

“Listen bro—training camp? Staying in St. Joseph, Missouri? In a dorm? It’s the best thing I could’ve missed.” Jones said jokingly. “I was in Miami soaking up the sun, I was tanning on the beach a couple of days. I think it was the best thing for me to miss training camp.”

The missed training camp didn’t seem to have effect on Jones, who did an excellent job staying in shape while training away from the team.

“It’s different. You know, football shape is a little different than just being in normal shape. In that aspect, it’s kind of different, but physically wise, my body feels amazing,” Jones said.

Jones made his presence felt immediately with, picking up where he left off with impressive performances against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears.