KANSAS CITY (KSNT) – Video posted Monday shows a fight break out between fans as the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium.

Graphic warning: The videos below may be disturbing to some viewers.

A first video published on YouTube and shared by TMZ shows around five people pushing and grabbing each other while other fans quickly back away. The camera moves to the left to show a man in a white shirt punching a man in a red shirt repeatedly, as the pummeling victim collapses backwards.

More people enter the debacle after the man in a white shirt backs away and puts his hat back on and the video cuts out as someone asks the pummeled man if he is OK. Someone offscreen then kicks him in the face.

A video posted on Twitter appears to shows the same perspective, but also the lead-in moments to the fight. A tense moment ensues between multiple people wearing Chiefs attire, but their argument wasn’t understandable from the recording. The fight breaks out when a man wearing a Tyrann Mathieu jersey tries to talk to the man in the white shirt. He proceeds to throws punches at the man in the jersey, and others join in with fists flying as other witnesses back away or try to break it up.

At around 0:45 into the video, multiple people seem to be throwing punches at random. Another person filming caught a view from afar, posted in the same Twitter thread.

As of Monday evening, neither the Kansas City Chiefs nor officials at Arrowhead Stadium made any announcements regarding the fight, whether to identify who was involved or if they’ll face punishment. A spokesperson for the Kansas City Municipal Court said it has not received any tickets or citations from the game at this point either.

Similar incidents have seen severe consequences. In 2018, a Patriots fan who threw beer at Chiefs star Tyreek Hill after he made a 75-yard touchdown catch was banned from Gillette Stadium for life.