How to get a cardboard cutout ‘seat’ at Chiefs’ Super Bowl game

NFL Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSNT) – Because of limited capacity seating, prices for Super Bowl LV tickets are at an all time high. But you can technically get into the stadium with the Kansas City Chiefs this year for one of the lowest prices in history, or at least a cardboard cutout likeness of yourself can. 

The NFL is selling those cutouts for $100 plus tax, or about 1% of the cost for the cheapest tickets to Super Bowl LV, where 22,000 fans will be in attendance.

“The prices are just outrageous, they start out at like 10 grand,” said Ronnie Alexander.

Alexander is going to the game thanks to someone involved in the halftime performance. 

“I don’t know where I’m sitting, but at least I’ll say I’m in the building,” Alexander said. 

After having her cardboard cutout at Royals games this summer where there were no fans, she says being able to say you are in the building in one form or another is a nice alternative for those who can’t make the trip this year because of COVID-19 concerns or the hefty price tag for tickets. 

“I think that’s really cool. I feel like it’s some way to bring the fans together so they can enjoy it,” Tess Jones said. 

The NFL says after the game, it will share a link so you can find yourself via the integrated Fan Cam, tag your cutout & share on social media that you were there as the Chiefs went for their second straight Super Bowl. And you’ll be entered for free tickets to Super Bowl LVI next year. 

A portion of the proceeds of sales will go to local charities. The rules say one person per photo and NFL branded attire only. 

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