KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Court testimony from Tuesday reveal an additional charge against Thomas Weyer, 19, could play into the existing case against him.

Weyer is accused of hitting Steve Hickle, 66, a Wichita man who was attending a Kansas City Chiefs game with his wife on October 10, 2021. Weyer is accused of hitting Hickle with his SUV on a road near Arrowhead Stadium after the Chiefs game against Buffalo last season.

Laurie Hickle said she was only ten feet away from her husband when he was hit. Court document show HIckle told Kansas City Police she watched as the next two cars rolled over Hickle.

He died of his injuries. The driver of the first car didn’t stop after it collided with Hickle on a rainy night at the Truman Sports Complex.

“I just see the scene over and over and over again,” Hickle said. “It was probably an accident, but he left the scene.”

Weyer is charged with leaving the scene of that accident, which took place roughly a year ago.

On Tuesday, Weyer appeared in a Jackson County court hearing via WebEx. Weyer’s attorney, Taran Parker, told a judge he’d hoped for probation in the case. However, prosecutors revealed that Weyer had been recently cited for driving on a suspended license, which constitutes a violation of his bond agreement, which might make them think twice about offering probation.

It’s been a year long nightmare that Wichita’s Laurie Hickle can’t escape.

“If it was an accident, he should have stayed. In my heart, something should be done. He should have consequences to his actions,” Hickle told FOX4 on Tuesday.

Weyer is scheduled to return to court on November 10th for a pretrial hearing. FOX4 asked the Kansas City Chiefs front office for a comment on Tuesday, but no one replied to our written request.

Laurie Hickle feels alcohol may have played a role in the crash, since rain extended that night’s game for a two-hour weather delay, and fans were still partying. FOX4 asked Parker if Weyer had been drinking, but he wouldn’t comment.