Patrick Mahomes’ Texas hometown to celebrate ‘community-wide Chiefs Day’

NFL Kansas City

WHITEHOUSE, Texas – Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is going to be getting some extra love from his hometown this Friday, January 14.

As the Chiefs head into the AFC Championship against the Tennessee Titans, the town of Whitehouse will celebrate a “community-wide Chiefs Day,” according to several public organizations.

“Join us in supporting Patrick and the Chiefs by wearing KC colors this Friday, January 17th!! Let’s go!!” The Whitehouse Independent School District wrote on Facebook. “We’re so proud of 2014 Whitehouse graduate, Patrick Mahomes II and his team!”

The school district is asking everyone to wear red, a tribute to Red Friday in Kansas City.

The town’s chamber of commerce is also getting involved, urging businesses to paint the town red and gold.

“In support of Whitehouse Native Patrick Mahomes, Jr. we would love to have businesses join us in painting/decorating their business and wear your CHIEF shirts/jerseys,” the chamber wrote on Facebook.

Mahomes played for Texas Tech University, which is located in Lubbock on the other side of the state from Whitehouse, before the Chiefs drafted him in 2017.

The Chiefs host the Titans at 2:05 p.m. Sunday in the AFC Championship.

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