KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The AFC Divisional Round game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills still has people talking about it.

Travis Kelce has been touted as the mastermind of the 13 second comeback that set up a game-tying field goal that sent the epic matchup to overtime and during an appearance on ESPN during the coverage of the PGA Championship with Joe Buck and Michael Collins, he offered extra insight and criticism of his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

“I remember the Bills call a timeout. I’m looking at Pat and I’m trying to be as discrete as possible to tell him, ‘Hey! If they play it like that, I’m wide open,'” Kelce said.

Kelce read Buffalo’s defense and knew that if they came out in the same formation, his seam route would be wide open, giving them a chance with one timeout remaining.

It is a pretty common defense in a situation like that. The defense will try and take away the sideline throws to give you more of the seams and the middle of the field open.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce – Post-game press conference after Divisional Round

“We get up to the line of scrimmage and Pat is yelling at me to do it. I’m just sitting there looking at him like, ‘Shh! Be quiet! You are telling the whole stadium right now that you’re throwing me the ball!'” Kelce joked.

The play worked out just as Kelce imagined it would and set up a Harrison Butker 49-yard field goal.

“He was right on the money with it. We were making up stuff on the fly and that’s what’s fun, man,” Kelce said. “Being able to play with a guy like 1-5 who can just make it happen on the run and just be great when greatness is needed the most.”

Mahomes then found Kelce in the end zone in the first possession of overtime to send the Chiefs to their fourth-straight AFC Championship.