KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A young Kansas City Chiefs fan from southeast Kansas got the birthday present of a lifetime. Sunday night at the AFC Wild Card game, not only did his favorite team win, he also got a few souvenirs from the team.

Braxton Melton got to go to the game thanks to his mom, Samantha Betts, but it took a lot of Chiefs fans to make his birthday gift one to remember.

All he wanted for his 10th birthday were Chiefs tickets.

“He’d been asking for quite a few weeks. Once we found out they were going to be in, we were going to try to go to one of the games before the playoffs. I didn’t think that we can pull it off,” Betts said.

His mom tried to find reliable tickets but said she almost got scammed. Thankfully, a Chiefs fan helped her by selling her their tickets. She told Braxton the day of the game.

“I told him that we were going, and he was so excited,” Betts said.

Before the game, Betts said she bought her son a ball to hopefully have it signed, but because of stadium rules, he wasn’t allowed to bring it in.

Braxton used to be a Green Bay Packers fan but a few years back came to his senses and realized how great the Chiefs are.

“They were so good, and they had a really good quarterback and players,” Braxton said.

Good news for him because 10 minutes before the game ended, Chiefs fans got him up close.

“They told him if he moved over a little bit, that was the perfect spot for kids because that’s where they always give people stuff. And they’ll always give it to the kids over anybody,” Betts said.

First it was safety Tyrann Mathieu who gave him his game ball.

“He said, ‘Shhh,’ and then he snuck over and gave me it,” Braxton said.

“I cried. Um, it was amazing. Just, they’re just such great players. You know, they, they care about kids. And it’s just, it was it was awesome,” Betts said.

Then quarterback Patrick Mahomes gave him one of his headbands.

“That was just perfect. I cried even more,” Betts said.

Betts said seeing how Chiefs fans came together to help her son — and then the players gifts — says a lot about all of them.

“Thank you for being such great role models, you know. They, they are very involved with children. And, you know, they’re just, they’re a great team. So I could just thank you for being you know, for caring enough about children and everyone to be able to do that. It was. It was amazing,” Betts said.

His mom said they plan to get his ball from Mathieu put into a glass case for his room. However, that Mahomes headband is probably on his head right now.