Roots run deep for Weems and Wilhoite


TOPEKA (KSNT)- Kyle Weems and Michael Wilhoite are two of the newest members of the Topeka Shawnee County Sports Hall of Fame, but being side by side is nothing new to them.

Weems and Wilhoite are best friends. Or as they put it, they’re brothers.

The two played basketball together for just one year at Highland Park but that was just the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

“He was the best man in my wedding I was the best man in his. He’s very special man, I love him to death,” said Weems.

“What Kyle has brought me is joy and happiness in my life,” said Wilhoite.

When the two became friends, Michael says he didn’t just gain a brother, he gained a whole new family.

“I would call his mom on a Sunday and say ‘I don’t have any money, I don’t have any food’ and she would say ‘Come over everyday. Come over everyday this week.’ And it was literally that process,” said Wilhoite. “And this is when he was at Missouri State in college.”

Now Wilhoite’s in California coaching for the L.A. Chargers and Weems is overseas playing professional basketball. Being on opposite sides of the world, however, doesn’t stop them from keeping in touch.

“We’re finding a way to talk to each other every day, every other day. We’re just always in contact. And it’s not even about sports, it’s just about life and love and sharing everything together,” said Wilhoite.

Ken Darting coached both of the eventual professional athletes when they attended Highland Park. He can attest to the depth of their friendship.

“Kyle has not unpacked yet from when he got home from Italy, but he’s already been out to Mike’s in California,” said Darting.

The duo has plans to continue their impact on the city of Topeka.

“It’d be a dream come true for us to come back to this city and give back to it. One thing his pops always wanted was for us to come back to to the city of Topeka and give back to it in whatever way that was,” said Wilhoite.

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