TOPEKA (KSNT)- Kansas City Chiefs fans have the opportunity to bet big for their team during the 2023 Super Bowl.

Sports betting was legalized in Kansas before the start of the 2022 NFL season, giving Kansans preparation for bets ahead of the Super Bowl. When it comes to the Big Game, there is proposition betting for all things on the field, even the halftime performance. But betting on the Chiefs might come with a cost. As of Monday, the Eagles are favored by one-and-a-half points over the Chiefs.

27 News spoke to Matt Winkler, a Sports Analytics Professor at American University, who said Travis Kelce and the other receivers will be important when betting on this game. Since sports betting of this magnitude is new for Kansas fans, Winkler said it’s important to not let it ruin your Super Bowl experience.

“For Kansas fans, don’t let it ruin your fun,” Winkler said. “You know, there’s a lot of little bets you can do to take part in the game. But you don’t want it to ruin your fun.”

Winkler said the only guarantee that sports betting brings is there will be a lot of it, and not everyone is going to win. But you can have fun trying.