The Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl, nor have they made it past the divisional round in the playoffs since 1996, but there continues to be hype around the team each and every NFL season.

Dak Prescott, like every Dallas quarterback since the ‘95 season, has yet to lead the Cowboys on a deep playoff run. But, with the franchise starting out 2–0 in 2023, ESPN analyst Pat McAfee thinks it’s time to pay real close attention to America’s Team.

“I think this year is different for Dak Prescott because I think this year [coach] Mike McCarthy is going to be able to take him there,” McAfee said on Tuesday’s First Take. “...I think Big Mike is the reason why Dak Prescott’s going to play his best football this year. They got the No. 1 defense in the world. I think this is the year where we can actually buy into the hype.”

McAfee must really mean what he said if he could say all of this to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who is known for being critical of the Cowboys.

Sports Illustrated ranked the Cowboys as the No. 1 team in the league right now after the first two contests. Dallas will look to keep the momentum going in Week 3 against the 0–2 Cardinals.