Former Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III's foray into television has largely been a success over the last two years, as the Baylor great has won fans over with his intelligence and charisma in the booth.

However, he has also been noted—for better or for worse—for his offbeat sense of humor. Take, for example, an unusual joke made by Griffin during No. 20 Ole Miss's heart-stopping 55–49 win over No. 13 LSU Saturday evening.

Late in the game, Tigers quarterback Jayden Daniels drove for a first down but was stacked up by multiple Rebels defenders. Griffin Idescribed the play in downright biblical terms.

“The coverage was there,” Griffin said. “They lifted that man up to the sky like he was Jesus, letting him know they were gonna put him on the cross right there.”

Griffin is an evangelical Christian, so it’s safe to assume no ill will was meant by the odd allusion.

Whether nodding toward his faith or catching a fellow college football legend nodding off, Griffin seems likely to remain his playful self for the foreseeable future.