Cowboys star Micah Parsons weighed in on the controversial hit on Colorado’s Travis Hunter amid the ongoing discussion surrounding the player who applied the hit: Colorado State’s Henry Blackburn. 

“That was so malicious and dirty,” Parsons said Monday on the The Edge with Micah Parsons podcast. “I thought that guy [Blackburn] should’ve got ejected. That was something you hate to see in football.”

Blackburn violently hit Hunter in the first quarter of Saturday night’s Rams-Buffaloes game in Boulder. The hit was applied after a play in which a pass intended for Hunter fell incomplete along the left sideline.

Blackburn was assessed a personal foul for the late hit but was not ejected, leading fans to voice their displeasure online. Parsons went on to break down the play and explained it was even more egregious because Blackburn went around his own teammate to hit Hunter after the play was dead. 

Hunter was taken to the hospital, and it was later reported that he will miss three weeks of action. Parsons continued to rip Blackburn for the hit and took it a step further. 

“This guy doesn’t deserve to be on no football league,” he continued. 

Blackburn and his family have been subjected to death threats as a result of the incident.