Brock Purdy and the 49ers did not end the 2022 NFL season the way they desired to. The San Francisco quarterback tore his UCL in the 49ers’ 31-7 loss to the Eagles in the NFC championship game on Sunday.

The “Mr. Irrelevant” quarterback, who became relevant and essential for the 49ers, led San Francisco to a string of wins during the season and a 2–1 mark in this year’s postseason. But to keep things light yet entertaining on the sideline of a disappointing loss to end the season, 49ers tight end George Kittle asked Purdy the perfect question after suffering his injury.

“Brock [Purdy], lefty? Are you ambidextrous?,” Kittle asked, in video captured by NFL Films.

Obviously, Purdy is not and immediately answered with a negative nod of his head. While this was a funny moment, the 49ers quarterbacks situation was not. After Purdy went down, backup Josh Johnson suffered a concussion, the franchise contemplated putting running back Christian McCaffrey before putting Purdy back into the game, who was completely not himself due to injury.

Had Purdy been able to throw with his left arm, it could have potentially changed the outcome of Sunday’s game. Instead, the 49ers season came to an end while Purdy—who will reportedly miss six months—finished with 13 touchdowns and four interceptions in nine games during the regular season before leading San Francisco to playoff wins against the Seahawks and Cowboys.

Purdy replaced injured quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who himself had replaced starting quarterback Trey Lance after Lance broke his ankle on Sept. 18 against Seattle.