Summer baseball gets back on track after coronavirus shortens season


TOPEKA, Kan. – The MidPlains Collegeiate Summer baseball league almost didn’t happen this year. Just as spring sports were canceled, the summer season seemed to be headed toward the same fate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As restrictions have been lifted across Kansas, the athletes are getting a chance to make the most out of the hot days of June and July. The Topeka Golden Giants and Sabetha Bravos both were happy to get back out on the field and get the reps they’ve been missing without live sports.

“It’s awesome, to get back and compete, to get back on the mound, face some real hitter and live hitter, it was fun for sure,” Golden Giant and Washburn pitcher Cole Warner said after completing four innings and allowing one run in his first start of the summer.

Fans were excited to get to see the action, and although it may not be the MLB yet, it was a step in the direction of normality. Coaches who have been just as anxious to get back out there, like the Giant’s Jacob Kirmer, and have quickly recognized the uptick in energy from their players upon the return.

“These guys were excited to get out and go and they’ve shown it, pitching’s been amazing, they’ve just filled it up and attacked hitters. Hitters have been excited to get out there and hit and they’re just playing baseball and having fun with it,” said Kirmer.

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