Reid’s air attack vs. Shanahan’s ground game: Ron Rivera breaks down Super Bowl coaching matchup

The Big Game

MIAMI, Fla. (Nexstar) – These days, the offenses get marquee billing on football’s grandest stage. But which offensive attack is best-equipped to win the Super Bowl this Sunday, Andy Reid’s high-octane aerial attack or Kyle Shanahan’s power ground game?

Washington Redskins coach Ron Rivera joined Big Game Bound on Thursday to talk about the matchup.

“The sentimental favorite for me is Andy,” Rivera said. “Andy’s one of the guys that helped give me my first real opportunity. He gave me my first position, I got to be with him for five seasons. A lot of things I do I copied from him.”

Rivera says that’s just his sentimental opinion though.

“Now you look at what Kyle does and look what Coach Shanahan wants to do with the 49ers, he’s gonna run the zone. Inside zone, outside zone, zone cutbacks,” Rivera explained. “He’s gonna try and stretch the defense, get them going sideways.”

No matter which coach you’re looking at, Rivera says it’s going to be an interesting matchup.

“It’s a heck of a challenging chess match,” he said. “I think it’s going to go to the team that makes plays on the side of the ball nobody expects. So for me, I think it would be Kansas City’s defense and for the 49ers – it’s the offense, their passing game.”

Watch Ron Rivera’s full coaching matchup breakdown in the video player above.

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