Rejected PETA Super Bowl ad ‘pays homage to Kaepernick’ by having animals kneel

The Big Game


MIAMI (WIAT) — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has released a new ad that they say the NFL blocked due to its message and “homage to Colin Kaepernick.”

The ad was released on Twitter and showcased cartoon animals and insects all kneeling and looking somber all while the national anthem plays in the background.

The ad was met with tweets from people in disbelief of what they watched.

The way the commercial depicted the animals kneeling also drew some chatter online.

The commercial ended with a bald eagle kneeling followed by text that read, “Respect is the right of every living being” and “#EndSpeciesism.”

PETA wrote more about the ad and the rejection from the NFL here.

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