A home away from home: A day in the life of a Topeka Pilots billet family

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Players on the Topeka Pilots come from all over the country and sometimes even the world. They have to find a home away from home while chasing their dreams. Some local families make that a little easier.

“I still don’t know a lot about hockey, they got red lines and blue lines and you’re supposed to stay around them or behind them,” Ty Dragoo said laughing.

“We ask a lot of questions,” his wife Jessica added.

You don’t have to be an expert, just a support system to become a host family for players on the Topeka Pilots.

Making your family a little bigger during the season for players who have dreams of playing hockey at the next level. But, what these families give goes beyond room and board. They’re creating a home away from home.

“I like it when they’re all together and we can grill out and just learning where everyone’s from and seeing where they’re going and all their plans,” Dragoo said.

“It’s great living with a family where it’s like we are actually living with a family,” Topeka Pilot Kyler Yeo said.

There’s even an added bonus at the Dragoo family, a few extra siblings.

“It’s very nice to come home and have the kids here, it takes your mind off from being away from home,” Topeka Pilot Kaiden Scott said.

“Kaiden and Kyler are good role models when you’re a little kid like that and you see them out on the ice rink, I know they think they’re pretty special having them here,” Dragoo said.

Ty and Jessica said they even get sad thinking about when their “billet sons” will have to leave because they really do become a real family.

That’s why they encourage others to take part in the program.

Some quick details about becoming a billet family:
     – Players are 18-20 years old
     – Players will stay with you from August to late April
     – $300 monthly stipend to help with housing the players

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