MAPLE HILL (KSNT)- Wabaunsee High School graduates Cade and Abby Oliver will be back at the same school in the fall.

Cade is joining Washburn’s football team. Abby is entering her fourth year with Washburn women’s basketball. The two grew up playing sports together daily.

“I think we’ve always been super close,” Cade Oliver said. “Being able to have that competitiveness, but then also, we’re best friends at the same time.”

As all siblings do, Abby and Cade would be friends one moment and fighting the next throughout their childhood. They both say when Cade was a freshman in high school during Abby’s senior year, their friendship grew tremendously.

“We pretty much tell each other everything,” Abby Oliver said. “We’ve always been really close.”

Cade’s excited to join his sister within Washburn Athletics, and Abby’s ready to welcome him to campus.

“I thought it was a really good opportunity for him,” Abby said. “I think he’s going to really be able to develop as a player there.”

Cade observed the Washburn athletic programs for three years, with frequent trips to visit his sister and watch her basketball games. He liked what he saw.

“The culture there is amazing, and I just really wanted to be a part of it,” Cade said.

Cade might have high expectations, though. His sister was a force on the basketball court the past year, averaging 9 points and 4.6 rebounds per game. He says he has learned a lot from his older sister.

“Just her competitiveness and everything when she’s on the basketball floor,” Cade said. “Being able to watch her for four years in high school before I got there. Just kind of learning from her, like how to be a leader.”

Mom and Dad certainly aren’t complaining. One trip, of less than half an hour, to Topeka will allow them to see both of the Washburn athletes.

“I’m not nearly as anxious about him going to college as I was when Abby was going to college,” their mom, Kelly Oliver, said. “For us parents, we’ve already been through it. At the same time, I know his sister’s there. Since his sisters there, he’s got someone to help him right there on campus.”

Abby will be there to offer advice. On the sports side:

“When you’re a freshman it can be really intimidating,” Abby said. “Older teammates of yours seem more experienced, seem more confident. Just kind of letting their confidence radiate into you and working hard.”

And in the classroom:

“Organization,” Abby said. “It’s just a huge change and so much is being thrown at you at once, so keeping yourself organized.”

Many more trips to Lee Arena and Yager stadium are on deck for the Oliver family. However, their legacy might not stop here. Abby and Cade have a younger brother, Eli, who is entering his senior year at Wabaunsee High School. Will he be an Ichabod, too?

“We have joked around at our house that Cade is going to be playing a fall sport, football. And Abby is going to be playing basketball during the winter,” Kelly Oliver said. “We need to get Eli into a spring sport. So, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens through this next year.”

Eli plays football, basketball and golf. Abby is a forward on the women’s basketball team and Cade plans to play quarterback when his time comes at Washburn.