TOPEKA (KSNT) – Washburn football hosted its team media day Sunday, with all 100+ players throwing on their jerseys for pictures.

“Once you put on that uniform, you only wear them so many times,” head coach Craig Schurig said. “That’s one thing about football. We get eleven opportunities and these guys will get to put these uniforms on eleven more times, and hopefully more, but that’s all we’re guaranteed. They look good in them. Some of them put on some muscle. It’s always good to see the team look good.”

Senior Grant Bruner was just happy to get dressed up with his teammates again.

“It’s a good feeling, you know,” Bruner said. “All these guys put on their best faces, trying to look good for the camera and all that stuff. But, it’s fun. We enjoy it. Glad to be back with the guys.”

Washburn had to replace three-year starting quarterback Mitch Schurig. Luckily for the ‘Bods, last year’s backup Kellen Simoncic has impressed in the offseason.

“I think he had a great summer, and Kellen did a really great job for us last year,” Schurig said. “He has a couple games under his belt where he performed well and we won, had an outstanding spring, and then was a leader this summer. So, I anticipate him having a very good season.”

Simoncic says he’s just worried about the win-loss column.

“I just want to win, you know?” Simoncic said. “I feel like I’m a team guy. I’m not really worried about myself too much. Just let everyone else shine and give them the ball.”