TOPEKA (KSNT)- Washburn quarterback Mitch Schurig is coming back for one more season, after his senior year in 2020 was canceled.

No one is happier to have him returning than the Ichabods’ head coach, Mitch’s dad, Craig Schurig.

Since becoming the Washburn head coach, Craig Schurig has always been hands-on with his quarterbacks.

“When I got the head job I decided the position I was going to coach was quarterbacks,” Craig Schurig said.

In 2016, he welcomed in a QB who he had been working with for quite some time- his son Mitch.

“We were recruiting quarterbacks, and he had a really good high school career so it was kind of a natural fit,” Craig Schurig said.

The decision to come play for his dad was an easy one, Mitch says.

“It was the best fit to come here. It felt like a no-brainer to me. It was a great opportunity to play at a great program,” Mitch Schurig said.

The recruitment process was unlike any other.

“We didn’t have to worry about the home visit. His recruiting process was fairly easy, just had to convince his mom,” Craig Schurig said.

The two have learned to balance time as player and coach with time as father and son.

“Outside of the football field, you know, he’s my dad. Being able to do other activities like golf or go on vacation, stuff like that I can still have fun with pops and then come back to campus and I’m ready to rock ‘n’ roll with football,” Mitch Schurig said.

Their bond has grown stronger through their time together on the field.

“We were always close, father-son relationship. But I think it’s brought us closer, more comfortable with one another, being able to express how we feel towards certain things football-related or not,” said Mitch Schurig.

Mitch says he’s learned a lot from his dad about football over the years, but he’s most grateful for what his dad has taught him off the field.

“You can have a bad day at the office. You can lose a game but then when you come home still being a great father, still being a great man. That’s my role model. That’s my hero,” Mitch Schurig said. “That’s our relationship in a shell I guess.”