Young Jenkins becomes Twitter’s new meme


TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka native Teven Jenkins’ fandom extends beyond the football field.

In the days leading up to the NFL draft, Jenkins had under 2,000 twitter followers. That number went up to over 4,000 the day he got drafted by the Chicago Bears. Less than two weeks later, he is up to over 26,000 followers.

A big market team with a lot of excited fans drafted him, but the biggest reason for his surge in social media interest could be his reactions to old photos of himself.

He doesn’t even know where his followers are finding these pictures. Some of the tweets get thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets. Jenkins responds with memes or just plain disappointment. He even tried denying the existence of any photos taken before a few days ago.

Every great trend evolves with time, and this one has grown to include some photoshop magic. 

Jenkins said it’s all just for laughs. It looks like he has quite a few friends to look forward to in Chicago.

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