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Kansas parks tackle drone regulations

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - For now, you can't take drones into any of Kansas' 26 state parks, except in designated RC Aircraft fields and, local drone pilots are fighting back. 

Drones are taking to the skies in record numbers, with the more than 1 million hobbyists using drones in America now,  expected to double to nearly 2 and a half million by 2022. 

It's causing record headaches for federal and state officials. 

With more people flying drones, leaders of Kansas state parks banned all drones concerned about safety and privacy.

"Our parks are heavily used. It's good to have a bunch of families out their but we don't want somebody... you know the software can go bad and the wind can take them and stuff and uh how good of a pilot you're, but they can go down pretty easy," said Tony Reitz, Kaw River Regional Supervisor.   

While the state implemented the new rules in June to curb bad behavior. Local drone pilots have a different take. 

"As a pure hobbyist I think it's bad because it's going to hurt our hobby. Give us our space," said local hobbyist Austin Wright. 

With more and more drones going up, the state has heard the concerns, and is now working to change its policy. 

"We're working on it. We have a drone taskforce with our agency. Through all divisions of our agencies and were working together to make it available. To bring people out to the park but we want to do it right," said Reitz. 

Drone pilots like CJ Watson look forward to more freedom when it comes to where they can fly. 



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