MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – In around 2 weeks, the LINK scooter program in Manhattan has had more than 18,000 rides.

It costs $1 to start the ride and 25 cents for every minute after you start. The scooters are accessed though a phone app, and so far, they have raised about $4,500 for K-State and the city.

All those rides bring money to K-State and the City of Manhattan. Every time a person rides a scooter, 25 cents goes towards the City of Manhattan or K-State.

“Any ride that starts on campus, gets that revenue and any ride started off campus, the city gets that revenue,” said Operations Manager Evan Lochmiller.

Lochmiller said there are around 400 scooters right now, which are brought in every night for disinfection to stop the spread of the coronavirus. So far, none of the scooters have been destroyed or lost.