TOPEKA (KSNT) – Serving with the military for over 40 years, Indy Dambro’s career showcases the importance of lending a helpful hand to those in need.

A member of the Kansas Army National Guard, his story highlights what goes into being a global force for good. Indy deployed with the 35th Infantry Brigade, taking him around the world to Bosnia for Operation Enduring Freedom and Thailand for Operation Cobra Gold. Among other missions, he also supported victims of Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana.

“It was the opportunity to be a part of a great organization, that allowed me to be a part of and participate in something I never would have been able to otherwise,” Dambro said. “It’s a long and famous history behind the 35th, which I can never replace otherwise.” 

The mission of the National Guard really spoke to Indy, helping with natural disaster response stateside, and preparing to deploy worldwide on the federal end.

“The feeling that we as a unit or individuals help somebody, save somebody, got them out of the high water, got them food, helped out with vaccinations,” Dambro said. “We appreciate the fact that other people appreciate us. It is a well felt situation.”

Seeing firsthand intense situations around the world, from natural disasters to ethnic cleansing, and being a part of an organization pushing for peace and helping those in need compelled Indy to make military service a career.

“What we are doing today, whether it be Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, it means quite a bit,” Dambro said. “You need to see different cultures, you need to see different worlds, different countries, to have a deep appreciation for what they’re going through and what we have.”

From Indy’s experience, making the difference by promoting freedom and upholding the wellbeing of others exemplifies the meaning of service.