TOPEKA (KSNT) – Austin Jasper’s journey with the Navy took him all over the world. His time at sea taught him discipline and showed him what he wanted to focus on for his future.

During his time with the military, Austin served as an Aviation Ordnanceman.

“I essentially maintained the bombs that we used for the aircraft and everything down in the belly of an aircraft carrier,” Jasper said.

Working as a weapons specialist, Austin ran quality control checks and assembled portions of the bomb together.

“We’d get the bomb body, and then would place the nose cone and tailfins on it,” Jasper said. “There’s so many different nomenclatures for the nose cones, GPS searching bombs and everything else like that.” 

Being a part of the Navy showed Austin the world and what he wanted to focus on in life.

“One of the bigger things I did get out of the military was my sense of adventure,” Jasper said. “I got to see a lot of ports, Singapore, Dubai, things like that. You know it’s deployment, it’s not a vacation so when you hit port it’s something that you remember for sure.” 

Now back stateside, Austin is currently attending Washburn University in Topeka, where he spends a good amount of time on campus in the Veteran’s Center.

“It’s a close-knit community,” Jasper said. “We get veterans in all the time, socialization is done mostly online, so for me when I first got here it was cool to meet other veterans that were academically focused and the fact that now I can help other veterans that come in.”

For those that are wondering about the next steps after high school, Austin couldn’t recommend considering heading into the military enough.

“Especially if you’re not too certain about what you want to do with your life,” Jasper said, “it can give you time to grow and develop, and see who you truly are.” 

Austin is hard at work cramming for exams at the moment, studying history at Washburn. His goal is to one day design an exhibit for a museum.