EMPORIA (KSNT) – An Infantry Squad Leader during the Vietnam War, Charles Greig focused on building up relationships with fellow soldiers, and coming together as a unit while overseas.

“It was just learning how to get along with people from all over the United States that speak differently than I do, and act differently,” Greig said. “You’re all kind of one group.”

Charlie was drafted for the Army, back in 1967.

“They sent us to a brigade that was going over as a brigade, so there was quite a few of us went together that way,” Greig said. “I knew everybody, I think that helped a lot and it hurt a lot, because the ones you lose are friends. I knew these people before we went over. I still keep in touch with a lot of ’em.”

Overseas, Charles focused on being a reliable leader.

“The people that were under me, wasn’t that many, but they seemed to look up to me and still to this day they refer to me as sergeant or old ranger,” Greig said. “It means a lot to me to be around those people.”

Since returning home to Emporia, he joined the local American Legion where he’s been an active member for nearly 54 years.

“It gives you the chance to be with people that can relate a little bit more to what you’ve done and been through,” Greig said. “A lot of people just think that people are in the army or navy ships, do some fighting, and they don’t know much more than that. The people that belong here are veterans, they’ve experienced it, and they know more about what you’re talking.”

Even in retirement, Charles continues being involved with helping fellow veterans. Raising money for charity with the American Legion Riders, and helping out with the send off and escort of honor flight recipients.