TOPEKA (KSNT) – Don Wamser was drafted into the army in the middle of the Vietnam War.

He remembers the tough challenges that came with fighting overseas.

“Getting used to sleeping on the ground you know, and being in constant fear at times,” Wamser said,” what was going to happen next you know. You lose a lot of good friends over there.” 

Serving in the 101st Airborne Division, his missions involved catching the enemy off guard.

“The only times you were in battles was usually an ambush,” Wamser said. “At those times you didn’t know which way to turn a lot of times. It was just ambush after ambush is how the war was ran. That stuck out to me more than anything.” 

His final ambush, was one he would never forget.  

“I was shot over there a couple of times,” Wamser said. “The last time, I was on point, which is the head of the platoon. Myself and the slack man they called him then, was one with ya. They shot us in the legs pretty bad. We wondered if we’d ever get back again after that. Luckily the rest of the platoon bailed us out. So we did make it, and we were medivaced off.” 

Even with the losses that came from Vietnam, Don was honored to have served his country.

“I don’t know if it was the right reason when we went, but I’m glad I went anyway and that I was in the service,” Wamser said. “I have no regrets as far as that.” 

Don continued to serve his community once returning stateside, working at the post office for 35 years. He’s now enjoying retirement, staying involved with his local VFW and American Legion.