Chris Klieman is winning the dang day his way at K-State


“You’ve got a tough day tomorrow, you may have finals, you win that dang day. if you’ve gotta have a workout after that, you win that dang day.”

It was that speech from Chris Kleiman that was the teams and our first taste of the new wildcat coach. now, that phrase is all over northeast Kansas as you can see on this billboard behind me. but does that really give us the full picture for the new leader of the ‘cats?

“That whole win the dang thing that just came from coach being who he was, just a passionate guy who’s so excited about the game of football, so excited about our team,” wide receiver Dalton Schoen said.

It may be a fun motto to say, but a legacy of wining and high character men is something Klieman would much rather have stick at the end of the day. He does that by making sure his players work hard, enjoy the process, and know him on a personal level.

“I mean he’s cool man you know, of course, he’s about his business, I will say that, but he wants to get us in an environment where we can learn and have fun but still be serious at the same time, you know,” linebacker Elijah Sullivan said.

“Coach is also a chill person to be around, I can sit down and have dinner with him and just talk about whatever. it’s not like he’s always like” win the dang day” and all that stuff, he’s just very passionate about what he does and guys love to play for him because of that

You’ve got to walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk, and coach Klieman and his staff are striding towards success, which has the team more fired up than any catchphrase could.

“I know they’re investing so much time and sacrifice and time away from their family, personal lives, all these things, investing in me to make me the best player I can possibly be and that just makes me want to go out there and go fight and go to war for those guys and I think you’re gonna see that with our football team this year, we’re gonna be ready to go play, and we’re gonna play with some passion, we’re gonna play with some confidence, and it’s going to be competitive,” quarterback Skylar Thompson said.

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