Barrett confirmation would tilt court conservative for generations


WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — By the end of the day Monday, Judge Amy Coney Barrett is all but certain to be named Justice Barrett. At 48 years old, Barrett will not only be the youngest justice, but will tilt the court conservative for generations.

After weeks of tense debate and protests, Iowa Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley are celebrating a conservative victory, with Barrett headed to the nation’s highest court.

“Barrett’s the kind of person I want on the Supreme Court,” Grassley said.

“We’re replacing one incredible woman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with another incredible woman, Amy Coney Barrett,” Ernst said.

But on the Senate floor, objections continued as Democrats say Barrett’s nomination is a violation of millions of Americans voting right now who disagree.

Democratic Senators Tammy Baldwin, of Wisconsin, and Dick Durbin, of Illinois, call Barrett’s nomination and confirmation just days from election day a power grab.

“It’s never been done before,” Durbin said.

They say President Trump openly wants Barrett to do away with Roe vs. Wade and the Affordable Care Act.

It’s clear as day,” said Baldwin. “Judge Barrett has been nominated to do what President Trump wants.”

Grassley disagrees.

“Barrett answered that question,” he said. “(She said), ‘I have no animosity toward the ACA.”

Grassley says he trusts Barrett to play fair. He and Ernst think it is unnecessary for Barrett to recuse herself from the upcoming health care case.

“She will follow the law,” Ernst said.

Once confirmed, Barrett will be sworn in at an outdoor White House celebration. Both Ernst and Grassley have declined their invites to the event, say they are returning to Iowa to campaign together leading up to Election Day.

Asked if they were concerned about safety following last months’ event that set off a surge of infections, Grassley says he trust the White House is following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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